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Sales & Servicing Of Holtstar Air Conditioners

Holt Cooling has the immediate responsibility of managing the sale; installation, maintenance and lease of its brand HOLT STAR air conditioners and confirm the company status as a major player in the home/industrial consumer electronics market.

The HOLT STAR air conditioners are manufactured with an advanced cooling technology yielding a product that is rich in functionality, aesthetics, durability and safety. They have been built with premium quality materials guaranteed to withstand a wide variety of environments. The cooling systems are tuned to efficiently manage the extreme temperatures of the tropics.

With auto-restart systems specially designed to optimize performance with Nigeria‚Äôs erratic power supply, a virtually low noise level and a fan speed programmed to achieve maximum cooling within a few minutes, the Holt Star air conditioners is the right choice for you. 

We offer for sale (with a  side attraction of a one year warranty) and lease an impressive range of air conditioners of various sizes which include 1HP, 1.5HP and 2HP (for the window and split units); 3HP to 10HP (for the package units); and other cooling systems for large rooms such as banking halls, restaurants, cinemas, conference rooms etc. They all come with an active warranty agreement for you. Our cold rooms are also a major source of attraction to key food businesses which insist on adequate health standards and hygiene.

Our air-conditioners come highly recommended by building and construction professionals and this is further attested by the Nigerian Standard Organisation (SON) certification for quality and other international quality certifications.