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Below are some frequently asked questions and answers about our products. If you need specific
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Holt Cooling

  • Does the drain plug have to be removed in order to drain water?
    No. Our units evaporate water on their own. The drain plug only needs to be removed in high humidity, when there may be excess water that was not removed by evaporation.
  • How often should I service my generator?
    Servicing of your air conditioners depends on the usage, but it is advised you service every 3 months.
  • Is it normal for my Air Conditioner to turn on and off so much?
    Yes, this is normal. However, if the unit is on for a short time and off for a very long time, then your air conditioner may be too large for the room that it is cooling. Open the door to other parts of the house to increase the load on the unit as well as the time the compressor is switched on.
  • My Air Conditioner is leaking water inside the room. What should I do?
    First, check for proper installation. The unit should be mounted level or with a slight ¼” tilt to the outside. If the unit has not been serviced, the water passage might have been blocked and require cleaning. Under extreme conditions, a drain kit may need to be installed.
  • My Unit does not draw power.
    First, test the outlet that your air conditioner is using to see if it is functional.

    If the outlet is not faulty, make sure that your unit is not in "economy" mode and that the thermostat is set to the coldest position.

    Additionally, if the model has a timer, make sure it is set to the “manual" mode.
  • What is the warranty cover on Holt Star Air conditioner?
    All Holt Star air conditioners are supplied with 12 months warranty on compressor, if unit is installed by John Holt Cooling technician.
  • What size of Air Conditioners should I purchase for my rooms?
    Getting an air conditioner for your room will be determined by the size of the room, components in the room, lightings and heaters kept in the room.

  • Where can I get parts for Holt Star Air Conditioner?
    If you own an air conditioner, you will be able to purchase any spare parts you require from any branch of John Holt Cooling. John Holt stocks a wide range of parts.

  • Why does a fuse sometimes blow when my Air Conditioner is on?
    Air conditioner requires a lot of current to operate. It is recommended that all our units are placed on their own dedicated 15 amp time-delay fuses circuit.

    If the problem persists, move the unit to another location or contact John Holt Cooling.

  • Why does it smell like mildew?
    A mildew smell might mean that water is not evaporating properly from the unit and its building up. This can be as a result of the air conditioner being too large for the space that it is cooling. Running the unit in the "fan only" mode may reduce the possibility of odour build up. If odour is persistent a drain kit may need to be installed or you contact Holt Cooling.

  • Why is dust coming out of my Air Conditioner?
    The evaporator blower is blocked with dirt. Please contact John Holt Cooling for servicing.
  • Why is my Air Conditioner making so much noise?
    Most air conditioners make some noise that sound like splashing water during operation. Vibration and rattling noises are not normal. They can be caused by improper installation or loose side panels. Ensure John Holt Cooling installs your air conditioners for excellent performance.

  • Why is my Air Conditioner not cooling?
    If your air conditioner is not cooling, try the following:
    Check the thermostat to see whether or not it is set to the desired temperature.

    Press the Cool button to make sure that the air conditioner is in the Cool mode.

    On the other hand, if it is not effective but cooling, then it might be as a result of:

    • Space area
    • Body heat
    • radiation
    • Close any open windows.
    If the problem persists, contact John Holt Cooling for a solution.

  • Why should I buy Holt Star Air Conditioner?
    Holt Star air conditioners are tropicalised and they are built to withstand a wide range of voltage variations. The units are durable, strong and available in both CFC - free & CFC ranges with genuine spare parts. You also have opportunity for after sales service by certified technicians.