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Boat Building

Almarine is the pioneering leader in the construction of Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) boats in Nigeria.

John Holt’s interest in boat building arose from the desire to engage in unique manufacturing enterprises and to contribute to the development of a host of activities associated with marine technology, oil & gas, fishing, transportation, police, defence and leisure. Before engaging in the operation of boat building, for many years, Almarine was engaged in the importation of boats and Yamaha Outboard Engines.

A sound market evaluation identified huge prospects for numerous boats to meet specific requirements in the fishing industry, mass transit, defence and leisure. GRP was chosen as the mode of construction due to its strength, durability, easy to repair / maintain and corrosion-free properties.

John Holt realised that the future of Almarine lay in producing boats rather than importing them, and built its first boat-building factory in 1980. With technical assistance from the Yamaha Motor Company, Japan, Almarine acquired the technology to construct its own moulds in Nigeria for the mass production of GRP utility boats.

In February 1989 John Holt Plc commissioned Almarine’s second factory with a production capacity in excess of 1,500 boats per annum. The new factory in Ebani Island, Borokiri, Port Harcourt, Rivers State is equipped with the latest technical equipment for the construction of a large variety of boats ranging from 3-metres to 15-metres in overall length and designed specifically to meet the Nigerian aquatic needs.

Today, Almarine is the largest boat builder in Nigeria and indeed in West Africa and supplies well over 80% of the boats and outboard engines used in the country and a sizeable area in the West Africa coastal towns. The boats are virtually unsinkable and are built for mass transport, military and paramilitary patrols, leasing to the oil and gas sector and leisure sector.

Current and past customers include:Shell

  • Shell
  • Chevron