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11B Ilabere Avenue, Ikoyi, Lagos

Property Development & Warehousing

This business unit is involved in the Merchandising and Redistribution Depot Services (MRDS) using its vast network of over 40 branches spread across 32 states of Nigeria. This network is unmatched in Nigeria’s distributive trade.

Our depots are strategically located in all major administrative and commercial cities and towns of Nigeria to help our partners to achieve even distribution of products and to render quality services to our esteemed customers.

Services provided under the MRDS operations include:

  • Warehousing (General, Dedicated and Customised)
  • Inventory Management

 Our services are customized to meet individual client’s requirements which are backed up with highly experienced and motivated staff with excellent communication facilities.

Our offer – Your benefits

Our offer includes:

  • Your freedom from the hassles of managing a whole lot of depots required to ensure optimum sale of your products.
  • Experienced personnel to safely and efficiently handle your products.
  • Opportunity to concentrate on your core competencies
  • Excellent customer service
  • The release of capital tied down in the operation of your own depots, etc.
  • We currently run MRDS services for several Clients Pan Nigeria. Some of these are: Caraway Foods Nig. Ltd, Swipha, Nigerian German Chemicals Plc, Candel Nig Ltd, and Intercontinental Dist Ltd.