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11B Ilabere Avenue, Ikoyi, Lagos

Fire Safety Solutions

John Holt Plc is the sole distributor in Nigeria of Angus and Rosenbauer fire fighting equipment, for which we provide a broad spectrum of fire and safety equipment and services.

Collaborating with Angus Fire UK and Rosenbauer of Austria, John Holt Fire Protection division has maintained leadership positions in sales, installation and maintenance of fire fighting equipment in the country.

Angus and Rosenbauer products are manufactured to European standards for quality.

John Holt Fire protection has the exclusive rights for handling the following range of Angus and Rosenbauer products:-Angus Fire Extinguishers;

  • Angus Foam Concentrates;
  • Angus Fire Hoses and Fittings;
  • Angus Fixed and Portable Foam Equipment;
  • Angus Monitors;
  • Angus Fire Pumps;
  • Rosenbauer Fire Trucks

To meet the challenges of a dynamic industrial era, our emphasis is on the quality of our human resource. Close ties with Angus and Rosenbauer ensure that staff are up to date with the latest technology, and that products and spares are available all year round