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Below are some frequently asked questions and answers about our products. If you need specific
help or your question isn’t answered here, you should head to our forums. You can also read
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Can Almarine boats be used with in open seas?

No. Almarine boats are not designed to operate in the open sea or as ocean going vessels, rather they are to be used in the creeks, coastal areas and inland waterways.

Can I get accessories for my boat from Almarine?

Almarine would be pleased to provide any accessory that you may need for your boat.

Do you do operating lease and/ or finance lease on your marine vessels and equipment?

We do operating lease. We also manage marine vessels under a management agreement.

How can I get more information about your leasing terms?

Contact us to assist you with the information you may require from time to time.

How do I choose the specification I need?

Almarine boats are produced to meet the needs of the end users. We have a wide range of boat models to choose from to fit specific needs and specifications. Visit our branch that is closest to you with your request and specifications for further clarifications.

How flexible are the least terms for Marine vessels?

Lease terms are normally set for either 36 or 48 months, although they can be as short as 12 months. However, the monthly rate becomes more attractive with longer terms.

How long will it take for my boat to be built?

Almarine boats are produced on order. Depending on the passenger capacity and model, delivery period can range from 2-10 weeks from the moment the order is placed until completion. Visit any of our branches to obtain accurate and realistic time scale.

How many years has Almarine been in business?

Almarine has been building boats since 1980.

Is Almarine boat safe for use on coastal and inland waters?

To offer SAFETY, COMFORT, and CONVENIENCE, Almarine boats are designed to be unsinkable because its hull is foam filled thereby preventing total submersion of the hull.

Is maintenance covered?

We provide maintenance, refurbishment and carry out repairs under a service agreement for Almarine boats.

Is my personal information safe with you?

Absolutely, your personal information will remain completely confidential and secure while in communication over the phone, fax, or by mail.

What are the services or scope of operation?

We offer lease of light and heavy marine vessels and equipment. We also provide management and maintenance services for our marine vessels.

What do I need to maintain my boat?

Regular washing and maintenance to all fibreglass surfaces is required and is ever more essential to any dark hulls. Washing and waxing are essential to maintaining the original finish of the gel coat. Other maintenance is just basic boating knowledge, regularly check all hose fitting and connectors to be sure everything is in proper order.

What is the warranty cover on Almarine boats?

All Almarine boats have the standard 1 year warranty. Please note that warranty does not cover abuse, misuse and wilful damage as well as wear and tear owing to normal cause of use. It addresses specifically, manufacturers defect or failure of material used in manufacturing.

What kind of boats does Almarine produce?

Almarine produces Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) boats for a wide range of uses and applications. Almarine boats readily find application as crew, speed, patrol, personnel carriers, fishing, survey mass transit and Medical/Ambulance.

Who do I contact to repair/refurbish my boat?

To get your boat repaired or refurbished, we recommend that you contact any of our branches closest to you or Almarine boat factory in Port Harcourt.

Why lease at all?

Leasing allows a lessee to free up working capital for core business purposes such as improving lessee’s purchasing power with suppliers. Afterall, cash is still king. It offers off-balance sheet financing of business operations.