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Marine Leasing

We offer lease and hire packages for our world class light marine vessels built by Almarine, our boat building factory located in Port Harcourt. To meet your needs which our preliminary assessment has thrown up, we offer you our very successful and reliable Almarine A30PD CREW BOAT which is already being used by SHELL, CHEVRON, MOBIL, etc.

In addition, we also offer you our much sought after Slingsby Advanced Composites (ISO9001 approved), Air Cushioned Vehicle (Hovercraft) which is capable of making trips into very difficult terrains which boats would ordinarily not enter. Our hovercrafts are modern and equipped with reverse gears which sets it apart from those offered by competition.

The Slingsby hovercrafts are designed to the British Hovercraft Safety requirements and Lloyds Register of Shipping requirements. Craft certification to suit the requirements of the end user.

We have acquired capabilities in leasing of Heavy Marine vessels such as deep offshore and onshore vessels. We offer for lease the following in this category: