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Fire Safety Solutions

Below are some frequently asked questions and answers about our products. If you need specific
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Fire Safety Solutions

Should I try to fight a fire?

If you have been trained, confident and there is a charged unexpired extinguisher available, you may attempt to extinguish a small fire, but then only if you can do so safely.

Can I use the lift during an evacuation?

Generally, it should not be used. Anyone using a lift in the cause of fire outbreak runs the risk of it breaking down and being overcome by smoke and heat whilst stuck inside.

Do I need to have a fire alarm system in my building?

Not necessarily. In small premises with a simple layout and able people, simply shouting “FIRE” may be appropriate. However, as buildings get larger and more complex, a fire alarm system may be needed.

How do I know that an extinguisher is charged?

If the gauge is in the green area, then the extinguisher is charged. If not, contact fire and safety solutions, John Holt Plc.

How do I use a fire extinguisher?

Generally, all fire extinguishers are used in a similar fashion. Carry the extinguisher to the fire, pull the pin at the top of the extinguisher, aim at the base of the fire, not the flames, squeeze the lever slowly and sweep from side to side.

How often do extinguisher need to be inspected or serviced?

Extinguishers and hoses must be checked and serviced at least twice a year by a qualified technician.

how should extinguishers be mounted?

Extinguishers shall be installed on hangers, brackets, in cabinets, or on shelves.

I need further advice on fire and safety, who should I contact?

If you need further advice on fire and safety, please contact John Holt fire & safety solutions.

What can I do if there is no fire but I can smell smoke?

If you see or suspect a fire in an area, do not hesitate! Pull the building fire alarm and evacuate the building.

What do I do when I hear a fire alarm?

When you hear fire alarm, leave whatever you are doing and evacuate the building.

What is fire drill?

It is an organised practice to prepare occupants of an office, school or other public building for evacuation in the event of a fire.

Where can I buy genuine Angus Fire Extinguishers?

For your genuine Angus fire extinguisher, visit fire and safety solution, John Holt Plc.

Where can I receive training on how to use an extinguisher?

John Holt Fire & Safety Solutions offers regular on-site training on how to use a fire extinguisher.

Where should fire extinguisher be located?

Fire extinguishers must be conspicuously located and readily accessible for immediate use in the event of a fire. Extinguishers must be distributed in such a way that the amount of time needed to travel to their location and back to the fire does not allow the fire to get out of control. In locations where visual obstruction cannot be completely avoided, directional arrows or signs are to be provided to clearly indicate the location of extinguishers.

Who do you call when an extinguisher needs service or is damaged?

Contact fire and safety solutions, John Holt Plc.

Who keeps track of when extinguishers need to be checked?

It is your responsibility to ensure that your fire equipment is checked in a timely fashion. When you enter into a service agreement with John Holt fire and safety solutions, we assist you by keeping a computer record of each servicing we perform. When it is time for your next service/maintenance, we will call you or simply come out to do the servicing.